Monthly Chapter Challenge

Chapter Monthly Challenge

The purpose of our Monthly Chapter Challenge is to get you on your motorcycle and RIDE!

Each month there will be a different "assignment" for you to go out and take a picture of you and your bike(safely!) at the given location.

Every entered photo is a chance to win.

The more photos you submit, the more chances.

Send your pics to Scott Kelly at [email protected] to be counted and entered in the drawing.

To have your pics added to our website copy [email protected]

Contest will run from 1st of month to last day of month. Deadline to submit photos will be the 5th.

A random drawing of all entries will be held at the next month's Chapter meeting to determine the winner.

The lucky winner will receive a $20.00 or $25.00(random pick) ChiTown Harley-Davidson gift card!


April 2022 - Chapter Challenge: 

April's challenge is to go out and get pic of you and your bike with any "building wall mural".

May 2022 - Chapter Challenge: 

May's challenge is to go out and take your photo at a Memorial to any of our Armed Forces.

June 2022 - Chapter Challenge: 

June's photo challenge is to take a pic of you and your bike in front of any "Fire House"

July 2022 - Chapter Challenge

July's photo challenge is to take a pic of you and your bike with an American Flag

This can be an actual flag waving in the breeze or any "image" of a flag

Must be a full flag, NOT just a flag design.

August 2022 - Chapter Challenge: 

This month's asignment is "silos". Not the nuclear kind! No commercial grain elevators!

Be sure to be safe if stopping on roads to take your photos.